How to customize help documentation for Simulink custom blocks?

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I create my own library with own library elements similar to Simulink library. How can I generate similar type html help to the own blocks as it can be seen in case of Simulink standard blocks? Do I need to have Simulink Report Generator Toolbox to that? 
Simulink->Commonly Used Blocks->Block Gain 
Double click on Gain and click on Help. I get the html Help for that linked into the Matlab help into the right place (here Simulink->Commonly Used Blocks->Block Gain). 
I create custom Library and Sublibrary: 
Double click on BlockA and click on Help. I would like to get the html Help of BlockA linked into the Matlab help into the right place (here mylib->testlib->BlockA) as in case of standard Simulink blocks. Please advice

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 24 Feb 2021
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 24 Feb 2021
1. You do not need the Simulink Report Generator Toolbox to do this.
2. In the attached model 'constantlib', if you right click on the block -> Edit Mask -> Documentation. You will see that I have modified the fields in this dialog window, and specifically the 'Mask help' section. The 'web' command will bring up the html help file I have created for this particular block. In this case, I just used the Constant block documentation for ease of presentation, you probably already have some html help file generated already for your library block.
3. In order for the 'web' command to work properly, you need to read carefully  this documentation 
on how to add documentation to the help browser.
4. If you are creating custom Simscape blocks using ssc_build, you can create an sl_postprocess.m containing the following command
>> set_param('your block name', 'MaskHelp', 'Your own mask help')
in the package.  See the following documentation for more details:

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