How can I create a circular coloured contour plot

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Hello everyone,
For a practical I am required to create a circular contour plot representing heat, firstly I'll explain the practical.
We heated a circular cast iron BBQ and recorded the temperature at 16 locations on the BBQ every 3 minutes for 30 minutes.
I now need to create a contour plot for each set of measurements taken each 3 minutes. The contour plot must be circular like the BBQ and show the heat distribution of the BBQ, I'm not excellent on Matlab so any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 29 Mar 2014
Please attach your data file and the code to read it into an array in MATLAB.

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Christopher Pedersen
Christopher Pedersen on 29 Mar 2014
The simplest way is probably to create a conventional (square) interpolation of your datapoints, then set any data outside the circle area to NaN.
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Jackson on 29 Mar 2014
Hi thanks for the response, I haven't had any experience with contours on Matlab, if at all possible could you assist me in the code required to perform this.
For example the first set of data includes:
41, 128.6, 74.9, 157.4
151.4, 45, 129.3, 83
173, 55, 140, 190
179, 67, 169, 107
Kind Regards,

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