How do I plot a US state using the mapping toolbox?

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Shane on 11 Jul 2014
Commented: Shane on 5 Aug 2014
I need to plot California and then have to label points on the map based on latitude and longitude coordinates.
I got mapping toolbox for the first time and am confused about how to do this.
I checked the general help section and it didn't help much.
So I was able to plot California but still don't know how to plot points.

Accepted Answer

Supreeth Subbaraya
Supreeth Subbaraya on 5 Aug 2014
To plot a US State and points on it, you could something as shown below:
%Read vector features and attributes from shapefile
cali = shaperead('usastatehi', 'UseGeoCoords', true,'Selector',{@(name) strcmpi(name,'California'), 'Name'});
axesm mercator; %Define Map axes
geoshow(cali); %Display map
plotm(lat,lon,'Color','r','Marker','.','MarkerSize',50); %plot point at [lat,lon] location
You have to assign appropriate values to the lat and lon variables. The above code plots the California state with a point at lat = 39 and lon = -123.6234. Similarly you can use the other plotting functions available here.
Some useful links,

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