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Setting handle within multiple axes with GUIDE?

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Brian on 18 Jul 2014
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
Hello, thanks for reading this,
I want to use multiple axes within a GUIDE gui I created, how can I handle the handle of multiple axes programmatically?
I've been given and experimented with this code:
set(h,'windowscrollWheelFcn', 'plot(rand(10))');
set(h,'Windowbuttonupfcn', 'gca');
which sets the gca to a subplotted axes you click on, but that is a manual process. How can I set it without the need for the callback Windowbuttonupfcn?

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Supreeth Subbaraya
Supreeth Subbaraya on 4 Aug 2014
The current axes handle (gca) is set to a axes of a subplot that is clicked on. So you do not need the “ Windowbuttonupfcn ” callback function. You can check this by commenting out the code on line number 5, and then click the subplots and see how the value of gca changes.
Also, if you want to set the existing axes “h” as the current axes, you can use the command “ axes(h)”. You can find the documentation for axes here

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