Can not connect hardware Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense bootloader com port error

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I tried a Simulink demo model (simple on off the inbuilt led on the Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense hardware board) to verify my board connection with Simulink and I found the following error message in the Simulink Doagnostic Viewer after push menu item "Build, Deploy & Start" in the Simulink editor
"... The following error occurred during deployment to your hardware board: Could not automatically set the bootloader COM port for your Arduino Nano 33 BLE board. This may be due to a disconnected or unrecognized board. If the board is not connected to your host computer, connect it and let Windows install the board driver. If the board is connected, update the board driver. Open Windows Device Manager and locate the board either in Other Devices or in COM Ports. Retry to download the model on the board by clicking 'Deploy to Hardware' option. Component:Simulink | Category:Model error "
Additionally I would like to tell that I already tried to set the COM port manually in the model setting but it didn't work.  I saw on the internet that when you check your hardware devices in device manager of your system, you can find two different COM port for "serial com port" and "bootloader com port". But I can find only single com port, I can't see bootloader com port in my device manager!

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 3 Dec 2021
Notes:* First of all:  You will never see two COM ports in the Windows device manger UIat the same -> "serial com port" and "bootloader com port"
Do not set in the Simulink demo model the COM port setting in the Simulink model configuration parameter dialog manually but leave the setup to Automatically for the first test:
After connecting the Arduino Nano 33 BLE sense hardware over USB port with your Windows PC you get an error when starting the over Add-on Manager the Hardware setup. Means when you push "Test Connection" and downloading application... this will takes a long time and fails at the end.
Also when you open the demo model "arduino_gettingstarted.slx" and push from the menu "Monitor & Tune" or "Build, Deploy & Start" you will receive an error e.g.
Error ... could not automatically set the bootloader COM port for your Arduino
Nano 33 BLE board. This may be due to a disconnected or unrecognized
When you test your hardware connection with the Arduino IDE and flash code to the target everything works well.
In this case you have to update the driver for the bootloader COM port manually.  Please following these steps (instruction steps only for Arduino Nano 33 BLE sense board):
Step 1:
 Open Windows device manager UI and select the tree view item "Ports (COM & LPT)" to see the COM port (number) of the connected Arduino Nano 33 BLE sense hardware.
Step 2:
 Now bring the hardware board into bootloader mode by pushing the small white button on the connected hardware:
and make sure in the Windows device manger UI that the COM port number changed to bootloader COM port (e.g. COM 4). Repeat pushing button on the board if necessary to change COM port from COM 3 to COM 4 (bootloader)
Step 3
: Now update Bootloader com port driver from the MATLAB Arduino support package install folder where th epath to it you can see in the error message when build process of the Simulink demo model failed:
Right-click on the board and select 'Update Driver Software...'
Next, select 'Browse my computer for driver software'. Specify the
search location as C:\ProgramData\MATLAB\SupportPackages\R2021b\aIDE\drivers and click 'Next'.
Select the driver from the MATLAB support package install folder and start installation. After this try to start the Simulink demo model "arduino_gettingstarted.slx" and you should see that on board LED should start blinking.

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