How do I configure Symantec Endpoint Protection firewall for Simulink Real-Time (SLRT)?

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There is an issue with the Symantec Endpoint Protection firewall preventing access to my Simulink Real-Time target computer. How do I configure Symantec Endpoint Protection firewall to allow access to my Speedgoat hardware?

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 17 Jan 2022
MATLAB must be allowed to communicate on all types of networks through Symantec Endpoint Protection firewall. Try the following steps
  1. Find Firewall and network protection by using Windows Search to open the Administrative User Interface.
  2. Under the Domain network selection, click Open Symantec Endpoint Protection.
  3. Select Settings > Firewall > Program Control.
  4. Add the <matlabroot>\bin\matlab.exe path to the list and select Allow.
Depending on your IT policy, permissions, and Symantec Endpoint Protection version, the steps may be different or may not work for you. We recommend going through the steps above with your IT team and/or a system administrator.
If the above instructions don't help resolve the communication issues with your Speedgoat hardware, refer to the following MATLAB Answers post for further troubleshooting steps:

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