plot problem in GUI for 2014b

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Sandy on 25 Nov 2014
Commented: Sandy on 25 Nov 2014
First of all, everything works great on 2013b until I upgrade to 2014b. I am really confused here.
The plot I want to get looks like this: There are some dashed lines in the plot.
However, after I update into 2014b, the plot shows like this: No dashed lines ...
Here is the code I was using and I did not change it after updating to 2014b
function [colorline, legendCell] = plotC(C, h, numSpec, c, ind)
lineC = plot(h, C); % plot the curve(random signal in the plot)
%%add legend (no problem here)
colorline = get(lineC,'Color');
if ~iscell(colorline)
colorline = {colorline};
legendCell = cellstr(num2str(ind, 'Factor %-d'));
legend(h, legendCell)
%%finish adding legend
%%add dashed lines *(problem after updating to 2014b)*
yLimits = get(h,'YLim');
for i = 1:c - 1
plot(h, i*numSpec,linspace(yLimits(1),yLimits(2)),'Color', 'k')
hold(h, 'off')
%%finish adding dashed line
Thank you very much for any suggestions!
Sandy on 25 Nov 2014
Hi Adam, Thank you for your questions.
The plot I showed here is one of four plots in a single GUI panel. That's is why I use "h" as axes handles for this plot. I tried zoom in and zoom out but nothing becomes visible.
In my code, "c-1" is the total number of dashed lines. "numSpec" is the length of each segment (if dashed lines can be seen). "C" is the data shown in blue color in those 2 plots above.
My idea is to plot the "C" first and then add dashed lines at the end of each segment in order to separate them.
Hope I answered all your questions. Look forward to any suggestions.

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Accepted Answer

Brandon on 25 Nov 2014
Is there any reason as to why you are manually defining grid lines (desired color or something)? Why don't you use the built in grid lines and see how that work:
set(gca,'XGrid','on', 'XMinorGrid','on');
Sandy on 25 Nov 2014
Thank you! Your idea works!

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