External Mode Open Protocol Connect command failed

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Hello, everyone
And i want to follow last examples(HITL).
I followed at task 2. and I did click Monitor & Tune button.
This error occurs.
The directory has only english.
I don't know why broken word appear.
What's the problem?
P.S. The example says connect serial 4 of pixhawk 1. and I have pixhawk 4.
I think serial 4 port of pixhawk 1 equals UART&I2C B port of pixhawk 4.
Is this right?

Accepted Answer

Ankur Bose
Ankur Bose on 19 Feb 2022
As per the official documentation, the port named "Serial 4" exists only on Pixhawk 1 and not on Pixhwak 4. The example illustrates how to use a Serial port on Pixhawk to use for External Mode and provides example of Pixhawk 1. For Pixhawk 4, you need a separate serial port. As per documentation, you can use TELEM1 or TELEM2 port on Pixhwak 4 or External Mode which correspond to port lables /dev/ttyS1 or /dev/ttyS2. The port label is important as you need to configure the baud rate for this port in configuration instructions
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SeungWoo Park
SeungWoo Park on 21 Feb 2022
Hi, Thanks for your answer.
I thought
  • UART&I2C B
  • Telem1
  • Telem2
ports are equal.
but it's not. It can be connected with only Telem2.
Thank you.

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