Aligning axes of different sizes within a GUI

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Bala on 10 Feb 2015
Commented: Bala on 11 Feb 2015
I have a trivial question but not able find a effective solution. I hope somebody could help me in this regard.
I currently have 4 different axes in a GUI. ax1(top left) and ax4(bottom left) should be aligned vertically and similarly ax2(top right) and ax4(bottom right) should be aligned vertically. (I have attached a sample image)
ax1 and ax2 are used to show images that are usually larger in size(~512x512) and ax3 & ax4 are used to display images of size ~43x512. Even though I created the axes with x-axis the same size when I display images they change size and not aligned anymore. No matter what images I display, I want the top and bottom images to of same x length and aligned always.
I tried to keep the XLim the same; XData the same but still doesnt work.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Bala
Bala on 11 Feb 2015
Hi Adam,
I use imshow to display images. (i.e. hI = imshow(im,[int1 int2])) You are right. Imshow is resizing the axes to match the im size. I played around with Positon property but didnt help much. I will look into other two but any quick hints might be helpful.
Thanks again!

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Sumit Tandon
Sumit Tandon on 10 Feb 2015
Check out the ALIGN function. Calling this function after the axes have been populated with the images should do the trick.
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Bala on 11 Feb 2015
Hi Sumit,
Thanks for your reply. But Align is just not what I need. Looks like I need something to resize to match the axes above. I think what I found is, if the size of the image is different from the axes size, the image resizes automatically and hence not the same size as axes when displayed. So I guess I need something(a command or property) that will fill the axes when displayed.

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