Is there a way to simulate a struct with a array?

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Hello friends?
I need to implement some code I have done in C, and conver it to matlab. Can someone help me to simulate the following struct in matlab array?
typedef struct _RTC_C_Calendar
uint32_t seconds;
uint32_t minutes;
uint32_t hours;
uint32_t dayOfWeek;
uint32_t dayOfmonth;
uint32_t month;
uint32_t year;
} RTC_C_Calendar; // 28 bytes
struct long_byte {
union {
uint32_t val;
uint8_t id[4];

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 27 Sep 2022
RTC_C_Calendar = zeros(Rows, 7,'uint32');
Now create variable names like dayOfWeek = 4;
and then you can index RTC_C_CALENDAR(row, dayOfWeek) and then the rest of your code does not need to know what the order of the fields is.

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