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What is an edge exacty in matlab? is it simply a line ?

Asked by bh dhouha on 5 Apr 2015
Latest activity Commented on by bh dhouha on 5 Apr 2015
Here i'm not talking about image processing or edge detection. i mean drawing an edge given two points what does it mean? if it is simply a line then why we call it edge. In the packege geom2d.rar there are functions drawEdge intersecEdges etc , ... i just dont understand what is the difference between an edge and a line


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Answer by David Young
on 5 Apr 2015
Edited by David Young
on 5 Apr 2015
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I assume you're referring to David Legland's toolbox from the FEX. It isn't a question of how the term is used "in matlab", it's a question of how David Legland is using it in his toolbox. The best way to get clarification would be to ask him - you could try contacting via his author page, if you haven't already done so.
However, from the documentation for lines2d and edges2d, it seems clear that "line" is used to mean an unbounded line (i.e. without end points), whilst "edge" is used to mean a bounded line, often called a line segment (i.e. with end points).


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Just had another look at the documentation and revised my answer, bh. To contact him, just go to the toolbox page on the FEX (link above), click his name, then view profile, and you'll find a "contact" link. But I think I've got it figured out now.
yap i understood now the difference :) thanks david

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