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How to render opengl in Matlab 2015a on Mac

Asked by Tianxiao on 7 Apr 2015
Latest activity Edited by Tianxiao on 20 Apr 2015
Hi,I upgraded Matlab from 2014a to 2015a in my MAC and I found that my customized GUI software run much slower in 2015a compared to 2014a. I tried opengl software/hardware, none of them work. The opengl info is as follows: >> opengl info Version: '2.1 INTEL-10.2.46' Vendor: 'Intel Inc.' Renderer: 'Intel Iris OpenGL Engine' MaxTextureSize: 16384 Visual: 'Visual (Undefined), (RGBA 32 bits (8 8 8 8), Z depth 16 bi...' Software: 'false' SupportsGraphicsSmoothing: 1 SupportsDepthPeelTransparency: 1 SupportsAlignVertexCenters: 1 Extensions: {128x1 cell} MaxFrameBufferSize: 16384
And error informations:
>> opengl hardware Error using opengl Switching to hardware OpenGL rendering is not supported on the MAC platform
>> opengl software Error using opengl Switching to software OpenGL rendering is not supported on the MAC platform
My license is Academic License, could this be an issue ?


Those are pretty interesting numbers.
Creating text objects is a bit slower in 14b, but I haven't seen numbers like that before. I just ran a simple example on a couple of random machines here and got the following numbers:
R2014a R2015a
Win64 7,215 1,075 w/o drawnow
344 162 with drawnow
Maci 4,175 784 w/o drawnow
105 62 with drawnow
That's in text objects per second. Your times translate to
1,041 38
That seems way out of line with what I get.
I'd love to know more about what's going on. Could you provide more details about things like how big the text strings are, what fonts you're using, whether the TeX or LaTeX interpreters are involved, what the memory command says on your system?
Actually, as much as I would love to figure out what's going on here, it'd probably be smarter for you to contact support at this point. They'll get all of the details from you and track it better than we can do here in this forum.
You can report it to them here:
Here is the fraction of my example code: h=text(0.97,p,num2str(1/gain(i),'%0.3g'),'Parent',axe,'HorizontalAlignment','left','VerticalAlignment','middle','FontWeight','bold','units','normalized','DisplayName',['YGauge' num2str(count)],'Color',[1 0 1]);
Some variables are from my previous calculations. I also tested the text with and without interpreter (tex/none), there is currently no big differences. I posted my question to the tech support as you suggested and I am waiting for their answer. Thank you~

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Answer by Tianxiao on 20 Apr 2015
Edited by Tianxiao on 20 Apr 2015
 Accepted Answer

The text object drawing slow has been reported as a bug, looking for future release.


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