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The same font in Editor looks different in Command window. Why?

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Below is a screenshot of my editor and command window. Both are "Monospaced", but look completely different.
The one in Editor looks much simpler, while the one in CW looks more original and elegant.
As a big fan of the original monospaced fonts, I wonder if I can have the Monospaced in Editor look like the ones in Command window.
I am using MATLAB 2023a in Windows machine. But, this discrepancy has been for a long time as far as I remember.
My font settings are as shown below. They both are set for "Monospaced".
Thanks in advance.
Yanhao Wei
Yanhao Wei on 11 Aug 2023
Same problem in Linux. For most fonts, the editor and command window look very different. I cannot believe this problem hasn't been resolved since 2021b. Many people in linux I know are still using 2021a due to the sluggish editor in latter versions.
Bryan on 29 Jan 2024
Yes, I recently upgraded to 2023b on Linux... Headache inducing editor window.
I have gone back to 2020a with Liberation Mono. Perfect.
Good to know that I can at least upgrade to 2021a without this issue.

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Answers (1)

Nitya Patel
Nitya Patel on 7 Jun 2023
It is my understanding that you want a typical monospace font in both the editor and the command window; however, the same settings for both result in different looking font. One reason why this might be occurring is that MATLAB is finding different fonts from the Monospace family for the editor and the command window.
One workaround for this could be to use a specific custom font for the Desktop Code Font. One example of such font is "Courier" (or one of its variant, Windows machines have "Courier New"). This would result in the Command Window and Editor show the same font.
Below are the steps change the font to "Courier New":
  1. Go to Home > Preferences > Fonts
  2. Change the Desktop Code Font to "Courier New".
  3. Click Apply and OK.
Note that both editor and command window use the Desktop Code Font. Desktop Text Font is used in the Current Folder, Workspace, Variables and Function Browser.
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Radek Zakrzewski
Radek Zakrzewski on 12 Dec 2023
Thank you Nitya! The bold version of Monsopaced in the editor window looked incredibly crude, like transported straight from the late 1990s. The CourierNew substitution fixes it very nicely.

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