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How to extract processed data from a .exe file created using matlab into a more accesible format (e.g.- .txt, .xls, etc.)

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Amol  Deo
Amol Deo on 1 Jul 2015
Commented: Amol Deo on 2 Jul 2015
I have a matlab code for simulating pulse propogation in an optical fibre. I made a .exe file using the mcc command and deploy tool in matlab for that code. Now i want to get the result of the simulation in the form of numbers so that one can do his/her own analysis using those numbers and does not need matlab for it.The idea is to be able to run the .exe file and extract the results in a generic format on a computer without matlab. Can this be done? Please help! Thanks.

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Sid on 1 Jul 2015
Edited: Sid on 1 Jul 2015
There are a couple of different options like writetable ( doc writetable ) and fprintf ( doc fprintf .)
writetable is a very easy option to do a lot of things as long as you are able to have the data in the table format, while fprintf will give more control (and perhaps more suitable for large datasets as discussed here.)
xlswrite ( doc xlswrite ), dlmwrite ( doc dlmwrite ), csvwrite ( doc csvwrite ) are also other options.
Can you add one of these commands and output the values to a file you like? Important things to consider might be how big the files are (check the link for discussion from Jan Simon,) and what kind of data (mixed data - numbers and strings vs. numbers only vs. strings only) you wish to output.
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Amol  Deo
Amol Deo on 2 Jul 2015
Thankyou for the help! I will try writetable and/or fprint and run the program again to see if it works. Thanks again!

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