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reading excel file NUMERIC DATA. PROBLEM: multiple data in single column single row. how to extract required data .Note: there are 4 blanks between each value but 3 if next value is negative.

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usama amjid
usama amjid on 8 Jul 2015
Commented: usama amjid on 9 Jul 2015
Multiple data in a single column. need to extract the indivitual data..
i need to use the excel file that has data in a single column , single row like:
"60.00000000 4993.08359390 -1072.91939781 4757.18964226 -5.233862561 -0.282145111 -5.442921539"
now i need to use first 4 values individually that are:
where each , represents a blank space.
W=60.00000000; X=4993.08359390; Y=-1072.91939781; Z=4757.18964226;
one thing to not is that there are 4 blanks between each value but if the next value is negative then there are 3 blanks.
how is it suggested that i do that.
NOTE: i have many rows. i will increment row at each loop.
as a total beginner so a simplified answer will be appreciated..
thanks in advance


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Alex on 8 Jul 2015
Try this: [~,txt]=xlsread(xlsfilename);
Does it return all the data as text? If so, then you you can use a fgetl/for loop or use textscan to parse them. It depends how it reurn the data.
Hope this helps.


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