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random uniform sample example

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rathod ujjval rameshbhai
rathod ujjval rameshbhai on 31 Aug 2015
Commented: Steven Lord on 31 Aug 2015
I am trying to generate a function but there is an error
my code is
function X=Random_Uniform_Sample(number, dim, mins, maxs)
interval=repmat(maxs-mins, number, 1);
start=repmat(mins, number, 1);
there is an error in dim. i define number=100; dim=2;mins[-1 3]; and maxs=[2 7];
Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 31 Aug 2015
Works fine when I run the lines inside your function with those variables defined. What is the FULL text of the error message you receive, and can you confirm that you call this function as:
X = Random_Uniform_Sample(100, 2, [-1 3], [2 7])
when you receive the error?

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