3D volume to 2D matrix conversion

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Jab on 15 Sep 2015
Commented: Jab on 16 Sep 2015
I have a 3D matrix of size 20*22*815 . What is the way that i can generate 2D matrix of 815 rows and 440(20*22) columns

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Matt J
Matt J on 15 Sep 2015

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Hamoon on 16 Sep 2015
another possibility:
A = rand(20,22,815); % your matrix
B = reshape(A,440,815)';
The output of this code is equal to Matt's answer.
you can also use B=reshape(A,815,440) without using transpose, then B will be a 815*440 matrix, but the arrangement of data will be different. This is up to you what kind of arrangement you want.


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