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Compiling many m and fig files

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Kelly Kyriakou
Kelly Kyriakou on 1 Oct 2015
Edited: Kelly Kyriakou on 5 Oct 2015
I have developed a software based on guide of matlab containing 10 windows and each window open by pressing a button. I have 10 'm' files and 10 'fig' files respectively. I want to compile it as a standalone exe. However, on compiler tool,at the first field, it is asked to insert a main file and at another field the required files in order to run my application. At first field I can import only one file. At the other filed I can import as many files as I want. Doing like this leads to an application that runs only the first window. How I should compile it?
Thank you in advance

Accepted Answer

Jan on 1 Oct 2015
Create an M-file, which opens the figures.
Kelly Kyriakou
Kelly Kyriakou on 5 Oct 2015
of course I did it, at the following image you can see how I have done it.

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