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Compiling many m and fig files

Asked by Kelly Kyriakou on 1 Oct 2015
Latest activity Edited by Kelly Kyriakou on 5 Oct 2015
Accepted Answer by Jan
I have developed a software based on guide of matlab containing 10 windows and each window open by pressing a button. I have 10 'm' files and 10 'fig' files respectively. I want to compile it as a standalone exe. However, on compiler tool,at the first field, it is asked to insert a main file and at another field the required files in order to run my application. At first field I can import only one file. At the other filed I can import as many files as I want. Doing like this leads to an application that runs only the first window. How I should compile it?
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1 Answer

Answer by Jan
on 1 Oct 2015
 Accepted Answer

Create an M-file, which opens the figures.


This is exactly what I have done. I gave the first GUI as main file where there is button to lead the user to next gui. I have used guide, so I have inserted all the needed m and fig files as required files to run the application. However, when I run the exe, the firsrt gui runs, when I press the button to lead me to next gui nothing happens.
Did you specifically add the other .m and .fig to the list of files to include in the compilation?
of course I did it, at the following image you can see how I have done it.

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