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Why calling to Java class methods from MATLAB gives undefined variable error in R2015b

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I am trying to call 'getDefaultToolkit.getSystemClipboard()' method from MATLAB after importing the required libraries:
>> import java.awt.Toolkit.* 
>> cb = getDefaultToolkit.getSystemClipboard();
However, this gives the following error in R2015b:
(This issue happens only in R2015b, the method runs without any error in R2015a and R2014a.)
    Undefined variable "getDefaultToolkit" or class "getDefaultToolkit.getSystemClipboard".
Why is this happening?

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 6 Oct 2015
You can only import classes, not methods. Try this instead:
>> import java.awt.Toolkit
>> cb = Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit.getSystemClipboard();
Calling of static methods without qualifying the class (prefixing the method with the class name followed by a dot) in previous versions may have worked but this is neither intentional, nor supported.


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