How does a MATLAB generated binary knows its fullpath?

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I have a MATLAB compiler generated binary (exe/jar/dll).
I would like to be able to get the full path of the binary itself at runtime.
Any ideas? Help will be very appreciated.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 6 Oct 2015
See ctfroot()

Adam on 6 Oct 2015
[~, result] = system('path');
currentDir = char(regexpi(result, 'Path=(.*?);', 'tokens', 'once'));
is what we have in our repo under a function claiming to get the executable directory when in deployed mode. Even though I wrote this function I am 99% sure I got this solution either from Matlab Answers or somewhere else online though so if it works I take no credit and if it doesn't then I can't really help answer any questions on it as a solution!
Adam on 6 Oct 2015
Edited: Adam on 6 Oct 2015
I can't remember off the top of my head exactly where ctfroot points to, but dlls that are packaged with your executable are copied to a location under there so far as I can see. In my case the dlls are in a relative location under there identical to where they are in my undeployed code relative to my root folder.
I use the above solution for a pdf manual that we package up too, but that is added in the 'File installed for your end user' section which is where the above solution points to.

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