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Matlab 2015b el capitan

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lincoln colling
lincoln colling on 3 Nov 2015
Answered: Tushar Sinha on 5 Nov 2015
I have a strange error that's occurring with Matlab 2015b (academic) on El Capitan. It mostly work okay, but occasionally "Processing.... Cancel" will appear at the botton of the Current Folder panel. When this happens I get the spinning beachball of death. Sometimes Matlab will recover after a few minutes, otherwise I need to Force Quit it. Any suggestions as to what's causing the error? I've deleted my preferences folder, so it's not that...
Adam on 3 Nov 2015
Do you have a path that includes locations on a network?

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Answers (1)

Tushar Sinha
Tushar Sinha on 5 Nov 2015
Hi Lincoln,
The getting status for files message appears because of the Source Control integration in the Current Folder browser. Try disabling Source Control if you are not using it.
Try turning off source code control integration as described below.
To disable Source Control:
Click Preferences in the Home tab of the MATLAB Desktop Go to MATLAB > General > Source Control and select None.
Click OK
Now restart MATLAB and it should resolve the issue.



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