extracting road from lidar

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nur shafinaz
nur shafinaz on 18 Nov 2015
Answered: Peter Fryscak on 15 Jan 2023
I have an intensity image of lidar and already import to matlab. I already use canny method as the shown result below The question is how we want to create a specific coding to ask matlab to extract the edge of the road (both side)?
I really really need help here. Thank you.

Answers (2)

Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson on 13 Jun 2022
Hard to tell without sample images but if the road is consistently a big black thing, use imclose to help make the edges solid and then regionsprops or vision.blobanalysis to identify the biggest black region. You may be able to use imfilll to remove the holes in the middle of the road also.

Peter Fryscak
Peter Fryscak on 15 Jan 2023
This might also be helpful (although it requires additional software): Generate RoadRunner Scene from Recorded Lidar Data - MATLAB & Simulink (mathworks.com)


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