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Using variables in multiple Callbacks

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Jared Johnson
Jared Johnson on 4 Dec 2015
Answered: Parham Ebrahimi on 15 Jul 2019
I have two different pop up menu callbacks (popupmenu1 and popupmenu2). In both callbacks I produce a variable, urlA and urlB respectively. How can I use these variables in my pushbutton1 call back? Created GUI using GUIDE. I've read the documentation and help on handles, but I can't quite get anything working.
I tried using global variables, but it isn't working quite as it should.

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Adam on 4 Dec 2015
Since you have read the documentation on handles it would help if you post what you currently have.
In particular this you should read up on these for sharing data between callbacks:

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Parham Ebrahimi
Parham Ebrahimi on 15 Jul 2019
You can first store the variable in a structure inside one of the Callback functions. Look at the example below:
function first_callback(hObject,handles)
Then you can retrive the stored structure in the other callback function:
function second_callback(hObject,eventdata)
guidata(hObject)%This will give back the variable "urlA" from previous callback function


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