how to read 12bit raw data faster

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Sounder on 6 Feb 2012
Edited: Matt J on 4 Oct 2013
This is my way to read 12bit raw image file.
data = fread(p,[768,1024],'ubit12=>uint32',4,'l');
But it takes very long time, is there any other way to speed up the processing time?
Sounder on 7 Feb 2012
one 12 bits pixel is stored in 2 bytes. It's combined with 4bits of random number and 12 bits of data. So this is the only ezsy way I know to implement, but it takes long time to read.

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Accepted Answer

Jan on 7 Feb 2012
You can read all 16 bits and set the upper 4 bits to zero:
data = fread(p, [768,1024], 'uint16');
b = uint32(rem(data, 4096));
I assume you can use the format 'uint16=>uint32' directly - please test if this is faster and if rem works on UINT32 arrays.
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Sounder on 8 Feb 2012
lol it works! 23.5x speedup, thank you

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