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Outputting Data in Excel

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Alex on 14 Feb 2012
Edited: Matt J on 12 Oct 2013
Hey all, I'm running the piece of code here:
data = csvread('data.csv');
assert (mod(size(data, 1), 3) == 0, ...
'Input data must have an integer multiple of 3 rows');
assert (size(data, 2) == 6, ...
'Input data must have exactly six columns.');
nsys = size(data, 1) / 3;
soln = zeros(nsys, 3);
for k = 1 : nsys,
F = generate_system(data(3*(k-1) + (1:3), 1:end));
guess = [1.55 0 300];
soln(k, :) = fsolve(F, guess,options);
fprintf(fid,'%5.5f %5.5f %4.0f\n',soln);
It's purpose is to take a bunch of data, processes it through an fsolve command, and then output the three solutions. My problem right now is that the program outputs the data as the calculated array in a single cell, ie [20 0 300] appears in a single cell. It really is a nightmare for running further calculations. Does anyone know how to output the data in excel such that each peice of data occupies its own cell?

Accepted Answer

Luca Tentoni
Luca Tentoni on 14 Feb 2012
Write your results using the xlswrite function. Simply write:
See the xlswrite help page for further details.

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Eric on 14 Feb 2012
I think maybe you're missing the commas in
fprintf(fid,'%5.5f, %5.5f, %4.0f\n',soln);
Excel is viewing a CSV file as a comma-separated values text file. Without those commas, everything will appear in a single cell.
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Benjamin Schwabe
Benjamin Schwabe on 14 Feb 2012
The import wizard allows to you to use blank space as a separator as well. As there are several variations of formats depending on the language you are using Excel, I prefer Luca's approach: xlswrite.
- Ben

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