How to display a figure in a borderless fullscreen mode?

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I want to build an experiment similarly to what you'd normally do in E-Prime.
For that, I want a figure window to be displayed completely borderless (no title, no "minimize,maximize,X" buttons etc).
Right now I'm working with WindowAPI but it can only maximize the figure window. I saw other methods online, but all of them simply maximize the window, and don't go fullscreen.
My current code disables the border and maximizes as such:
% create fullscreen figure
format compact;
fMain = figure('Color','black');
Please help.

Answers (4)

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 15 Mar 2018

Daniel on 22 Aug 2016
Whenever I have a question, especially regarding UI, I consult the undocumentedmatlab blog.

Stas Steinberg
Stas Steinberg on 23 Aug 2016
I read all that and all I can do is maximize the figure window.
I can use WindowAPI to do this:
WindowAPI(handle, 'Position', [-1 -1 ScrWidth+1 ScrHeight+1]);
and that will make it "fullscreen" but all my annotations etc disappear from the figure! Which sounds more like a bug with WindowAPI than anything else. In any case, due to this problem, this method is rendered useless for me.
Any more ideas?

Thorsten on 23 Aug 2016
Check out Psychtoolbox 3; it's free. The following demos may also be helpful:


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