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Matlab 6.5 on Windows 10

Asked by Ana Royce on 26 Aug 2016
Latest activity Answered by Rik Wisselink
on 23 Dec 2017

I have installed version 6.5 on windows 10 and given full access permission to the folder(i have created folder MATLAB6p) however finding difficult to open.I know this is an old version but due to some old coding which need to be run on this version.Please guide. Advance thanking.



Yes. So find the repairs that must be done. It will be time consuming to get that old release working too.

That means matlab 6.5 not compatible on windows 10? how about on windows 7?

You just might be able to turn on Windows Compatibility Mode for the 6.5 executable.

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2 Answers

Answer by Steven Lord
on 26 Aug 2016

MATLAB 6.5 (release R13) is fourteen years old. From the System Requirements page the versions of Windows on which it is supported are Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, and Windows XP. [The release of Windows Vista was still about four years in the future when that release came out; Windows 7 was seven years away.]

I second John's recommendation to upgrade your code to run in a more recent release. The Code Analyzer messages that you see in the Editor when you open your files may help you in identifying functions that have been removed since 2002 and what should replace them. If you find that you cannot identify a replacement after searching the Release Notes (the Release Notes for releases back to release R14SP2 are available on our website) please ask about a specific function or piece of functionality.


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Answer by Rik Wisselink
on 23 Dec 2017

Although in general I would absolutely second the previous remarks, there might still be a valid reason wanting to run R6.5 on Windows 10. (see this comment by Jan Simon)

Thanks to this post, I now have a working Matlab 6.5 running without a VM with XP. I only needed the second part, although I did run the setup in compatibility mode for XP-SP2. (Matlab itself can now run without admin privileges or compatibility mode)

Part 2 - Working around "License Manager Error -103 Terminal Server Remote Client not allowed"
This is the usual message you get when trying to launch MATLAB after the finished installation.
The fix is simple though: Open an Explorer in C:\MATLAB6p5\bin\win32 and create an empty file called "wtsapi32.dll" there.
MATLAB will then use this DLL when checking for Terminal Services and believe that they don't exist. It won't affect the program in any other way as the file is used exclusively for Terminal Services.
Finally you can change the permissions of C:\MATLAB6p5 and subdirectories to allow Full Access for normal users, so that MATLAB can store its settings there even without Administrator privileges.


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