Insert Degree Symbol in Axes Title

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Anyone know how to display the degree symbol ° in the title on a plot? Also want to know how to display it on the top of the figure.
set (Handle3, 'NumberTitle', 'Off', 'Name', 'Slice profile for a 20^{\circ} sinc pulse ');
axis auto;title('Slice profile for a 20^{\circ} sinc pulse ');

Accepted Answer

Thomas on 15 Mar 2012
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 22 May 2019
You can create any character by finding its Unicode value and converting that number into a character, using the “char” function. Then you can add that character to any character vector or string.
For example, the number 176 is the Unicode value that denotes the degree symbol. You can convert 176 to a character and add it to your text.
title(['Slice profile for a 20' char(176) ' sinc pulse'])
Setting the figure title is similar, but you have to set the 'Name' property. You might want to turn the 'NumberTitle' off too.
figure('Name', ['Slice profile for a 20' char(176) ' sinc pulse'], 'NumberTitle', 'off')
The list of all Unicode characters is very large. For more information, including the numeric values of Unicode characters, see:

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Engenuity on 6 Nov 2016
ALT + 248 does the trick using Windows OS
Kenneth George
Kenneth George on 8 Jul 2022
Not sure if this will help someone in the future, but I ran across this and realized that typing the numbers using the number row on my keyboard does not work, but typing the numbers using the numpad does work. Can't tell if this is keyboard dependent, but occurs with both my laptop and desktop. Disappointing for users that don't have a numpad.

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carlo lefevre
carlo lefevre on 3 Feb 2016

Honglei Chen
Honglei Chen on 15 Mar 2012
By default, title('20^{\circ}') should work. If not, you can do
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Brian on 21 Sep 2015
\circ is apparently not the same as a degree symbol. Journals sometimes object to the \circ characterization of the degree symbol.

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