How to call functions from another m file

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I have two scripts. In first script I have some functions.
function res = func1(a)
res = a * 5;
function res = func2(x)
res = x .^ 2;
In second script I call these functions. How to include script1.m in second script and call functions from script1.m?

Accepted Answer

Adam on 9 Mar 2017
You can't if the functions are defined as local functions in the script1 file.
Just put the functions in their own separate file (of the same name as the function and on your path) if they are being used by both script1 and script2.

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Mahmoud Khaled
Mahmoud Khaled on 28 Mar 2018
Edited: Mahmoud Khaled on 27 Jul 2020
You can add them to a MATLAB class. Then instantiate an object of this class and call any of the functions.
It should be something like this:
In a separate file (ex, functionsContainer.m)
classdef functionsContainer
function res = func1(obj,a)
res = a * 5;
function res = func2(obj,x)
res = x .^ 2;
Then, in your script create an object:
myObj = functionsContainer;
Finally, call whatever function you like:
res1 = myObj.func1(a);
res2 = myObj.func2(x);

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