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how to create plot of inverse data?

Asked by uncung fgv on 27 Mar 2012
I want to create figure of inverse data.
i already created plot. on Editor Plot, there is Inverse menu. when i click my plot turn to inverse but the axis remains same.
now i want to create inverse plot from matlab command.
i have
X= bla bla bla bla
Y= bla bla bla
i do inversion.
how to create plot?


Have you tried plot(Y,X)?
I didn't find the "inverse menu" on the plot figure's toolbar or pulldown menu. Is it under the File, Edit, View, Insert, Tools, Desktop, Window, or Help menu?
it is on Editor Plot (right click of mouse). but i am interesting to do it in Command.

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Answer by Andrei Bobrov
on 28 Mar 2012
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so? pg

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simply you just displying the plot into reverse, but not change the axis.
actually now i try to use this
it is same with inverse but perform new axis/different.
while if we inverse our plot then copy it, the the paste will back to our previous non inverse.
but not this FLIPUD (X)

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Answer by C.J. Harris on 28 Mar 2012

Is it the y-axis you want to reverse?
If so:
axis ij

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Answer by uncung fgv on 28 Mar 2012

i want copy the result of plot inverse to my old plot. but when i copy the inverse back to the non inverse (same as previously).


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