MATLAB fct predint for Gaussian-Process-Model

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I'm using the matlab toolbox model-based calibration and I'm trying to fit local models for a Diesel engine. The default model fits inlcude quadratic and cubic polynomials, a hybrid fit with a linear polynomial and a radial-basis function (RBF), and a gaussian process model with a constant (GPM).
After exporting my best model to MATLAB, I try to use the function predint, which is a method for the class mbcPointByPointModel. First I found a bug in MATLAB, now it works fine for polynomials and RBF, but doesn't work for GPM.
Does anyone have an idea why?
code example
%thisModel is an instant of the class mbcPointByPointModel %Xpred are all inputs to the model intervals = predint(thisModel,Xpred)

Accepted Answer

Sindhuja Parimalarangan
Sindhuja Parimalarangan on 1 May 2017
This could possibly be because predint cannot compute prediction intervals for non-parametric regression methods and Gaussian Process Regression model in MATLAB is a nonparametric kernel-based probabilistic model.

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