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Standalone application from lsqlin

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Sebastian Czok
Sebastian Czok on 17 May 2017
Answered: Abhinav Gurram on 22 May 2017
Is it possible to generate a C-Code or a standalone program with matlab which solves an overdetermined problem like Ax=b. A has the form 30x20 and 30x1. I solved the problem in matlab with lsqlin but now I want to use this without matlab. Does anyone has an idea if and how this could be possible?
Thanks all.

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Abhinav Gurram
Abhinav Gurram on 22 May 2017
You can use MATLAB Compiler to create a standalone application from your MATLAB Script. If you are planning to create a shared library, dll, or a .Net Assembly, you might want to consider MATLAB Compiler SDK which provides the functionality to build these from your MATLAB source code.
From the support for MATLAB toolboxes page for the MATLAB Compiler product listed here, it does look like the 'lsqlin' function is supported for building standalone applications.
You can review the example listed at the following link on how to create a standalone application from MATLAB and build yours accordingly: Create a standalone application from MATLAB

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