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How to do simultaneous curve fitting for two model equations having common constants ??

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Yugal Gupta
Yugal Gupta on 26 May 2017
Commented: Yugal Gupta on 17 Dec 2017
I am having two different model equations and also experimental data respectively. Both model equations are having common constants. Is there any way to do curve fitting for both the models simultaneously. So that final values constants can satisfy both the model equations ??

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Matt J
Matt J on 26 May 2017
Edited: Matt J on 26 May 2017
Two model equations are really only one model equation when you make the equation vector-valued. LSQCURVEFIT can easily handle vector-valued curves of any dimension.
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Yugal Gupta
Yugal Gupta on 26 May 2017
Dear Matt J, Can you please attach any documentation on this. I don't know, how to make equation vector valued for LSQCURVEFIT. Thank You.

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