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does matlab fully work on macbook pro?

Asked by Camila Arrieta on 31 May 2017
Latest activity Commented on by Steven Lord
on 31 May 2017
does matlab fully work on a macbook pro? I am planning on buying! please help!! I also heard that the script does not work on mac? is it true? please help


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1 Answer

Answer by John D'Errico
on 31 May 2017
Edited by John D'Errico
on 31 May 2017
 Accepted Answer

Yes, MATLAB does work on a Mac, of any sort. I don't know what you have heard, but what you have heard is wrong in general.
The complete requirements are shown here:
In fact, I use MATLAB on my Mac, with no problems at all. As long as your computer satisfies those requirements, you will be able to use MATLAB.


What you might have heard is that if you have Retina display, then LiveScript might be difficult to read as Mathworks did not provide useful ways to set the script size. Using command-+ can expand the text.
My MacBook Pro happens to be the last non-Retina model, so I have not had to deal with the Retina difficulties myself.
By the way: remember that you can ask for a trial version.
Most toolboxes are supported on Mac, but a few are not. See the product availability page for more information.

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