How to see Errors in a compiled application?

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I compiled a program into standalone application. The program works fine in MATLAB.
But, in compiled application, I do not get expected output.
Is there a way to see the errors in my compiled application, so than I can fix them.

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 15 Nov 2017
Follow these steps to see the error message in compiled application.
  • Open Command prompt or terminal
  • Navigate to the location where the standalone application reside
  • Run the standalone application from there.
It will give us Error/Warning messages(if any) while running the compiled application.
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Osman Ciftci
Osman Ciftci on 3 Mar 2020
A follow up question, is there a way to systematically capture built in Matlab errors (so without the programmer defining specific errors for the code, as sometimes there are errors which are not foreseable by the programmer) and store them? I have been experimenting with MException but didn't have much luck. As far as I undertstand the LAST method for the MException only works on the command prompt.

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