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how to create loop or function of my problem/data

Asked by uncung fgv on 27 Apr 2012
- i have Files with contains data (column and row)
- column 1 and 3, i need.
- to create plot of column 1 and 3
i have many files that contains like this.
recently, to create plot i have to go to my file and make plot one by one.
how to make my work easier?

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i have many files.
usually, i process my file one by one.
how to work for bulk files?

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Answer by Daniel Shub
on 27 Apr 2012
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This has been asked so often it is FAQ 4.12
and if I don't say it, Jan will add
"And if you are reading a section of the FAQ, read the other sections also. It is very efficient to profit from the error made frequently by others."


To clarify, it sounds like your question really is: "I currently load files by clicking File>Import Data, how can I write a script to load my files?" Once you have that answer, then you need to work on making a loop. I think my answer/link to the FAQ answers the question you asked, but doesn't solve your problem. I stopped paying attention to this question, when I realized your were asking something else. Please feel free to ask a new question about replacing File>Import Data with a script. You will need to provide the details you know (is the directory known, is the file name known, is the file extension known, the file format, etc.) in order to get a meaningful answer.
hai daniel, you make me afraid. thx for sharing.
I wasn't trying to to make you afraid. Rather, I was trying to help you get a meaningful answer. As you said in a comment to the answer provided by Walter, you are not getting the answers/help you want. Please do not be afraid or feel we are cruel. Keep asking questions and we will keep trying to give you answers.

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Answer by Walter Roberson
on 28 Apr 2012

Your existing question is still here and still active. Please do not ask duplicate questions; it just confuses people and splits efforts. Your two duplicate questions have been deleted.


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The people who answer questions in this forum do so as volunteers, when they have time and interest. The majority of the volunteers are in North America; at present people in North America are generally just getting out of bed (unless they have small children, in which case they would be dealing with those children.)
If you need a faster or more reliable answer, then you can hire a consulting firm.
@uncung You have asked 9 questions on answers, all but one has at least 1 answer, and you have only accepted 2 answers and have not voted for any of the answers. If an answer answers your question, accept it, if it is helpful at all, vote for it. If people ask you question in comments, answer them. Voting and responding to comments is really the only way to show you care about the work WE do for YOU.
because their answers were not what i want. i use the answers from YAhoo answer, for instance : how to find the appearance number of a number in a matrix etc.
and other question about interpolation, the answer no make sense.
or i consider wrong.
i wont vote it if doesnt solve my problem.
@Daniel, today i learn the site you gave me. wow, i spend my day from morning until night to learn a simple thing, such:
for k = 1:20
matFilename = sprintf('mat%d.mat', k);
i am failed at the first step, what on earth: 'mat%d.mat'????????
i open books
ok i back do my old way, create plot one by one from files.
anyway THANX. sorry for the english!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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