Switching text from upper to lower case and back in the editor

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Naum Derzhi
Naum Derzhi on 20 Feb 2018
Answered: Naum Derzhi on 20 Feb 2018
I recently jumped through many Matlab releases. One thing I cannot find in the current Editor is the action to switch text typed in UPPER CASE to lower case or vice versa. It was present in the older version, with shortcuts Ctrl+U and Ctrl+Shift+U.
Either I cannot find it in the GUI, and it was unjustly removed. In the latter case, please bring it back.
Thanks, Naum Derzhi

Accepted Answer

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 20 Feb 2018
I believe the keyboard shortcut for that was removed from the default set at some point, but you can add a shortcut for that action to your custom set. See the "Customize Keyboard Shortcuts" section on this documentation page. If you search the actions list for "case" you should find the actions that change case.
If you believe these shortcuts should be added back to the default set, please contact Technical Support using the Contact Us link in the upper-right corner of this page and ask them to add this to the enhancement database.

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Naum Derzhi
Naum Derzhi on 20 Feb 2018
Thank you, I accept this answer with gratitude. What I would love to have is, in addition or even instead of the shortcuts, an action or button in the tool strip which would do the same. Thanks, Naum

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