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Why does opening Simulink for the first time in a MATLAB session take a long time?

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Regardless of how I open Simulink, when I open it for the first time in a new MATLAB session, it takes almost 15 minutes to open. After the loading process, nothing else in Simulink is slow. How can I speed up this load time?

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 2 Feb 2018
This is likely due to a known bug related to the default printer being offline:
On Windows, MATLAB appears to stop responding when starting Simulink if either:
  • The Windows default printer is set to a physical printer and the printer is offline or not available.
  • The driver for the Windows default printer is outdated.
Simulink starts up after some time.
To workaround this issue, set the Windows default printer to a local printer before starting Simulink, and try updating the driver of the printer to the latest version.


Houssam Abbas
Houssam Abbas on 25 Sep 2019
what about on Mac? (version R2019a, opening the built-in demo sldemo_absbrake, takes about 30s to start)

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Veronica Veneros
Veronica Veneros on 22 Jun 2020
Edited: Veronica Veneros on 22 Jun 2020
I have the same issue, simulink's been about 40 minutes loading... it's the first time, and I have not used I'm calling this problem "eternal wheel simulink issue"...
I have the R2020a version of Matlab
Did someone solve this?
pd: additionally, MATLAB takes about 15-20 minutes loading ...


Allan Mesa
Allan Mesa on 24 Sep 2020
My MATLAB opens in less than 1 minute but the Simulink has not started in a few minutes. :<
P Lepage
P Lepage on 15 Oct 2020
For me it was always slow but bearable, but this morning the loading time is approching eternal.

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