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How to compare tables/cells/characters?

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Lexington Stoyell
Lexington Stoyell on 1 Mar 2018
Commented: Stephen23 on 2 Mar 2018
Is there any way to compare (greater than or less than) using tables? Or is there a way to compare using cells or as a character? The data being compared are numbers of various length.

Answers (1)

Seyedali Mirjalili
Seyedali Mirjalili on 2 Mar 2018
Does the following help?
tf = strcmp(s1,s2) compares s1 and s2 and returns 1 (true) if the two are identical and 0 (false) otherwise. Text is considered identical if the size and content of each are the same. The return result tf is of data type logical. The input arguments can be any combination of string arrays, character vectors, and cell arrays of character vectors.
Lexington Stoyell
Lexington Stoyell on 2 Mar 2018
As stated in my original question I am comparing cells/characters/strings that are numbers
Stephen23 on 2 Mar 2018
@Lexington Stoyell: only numeric values can be considered to have the property greater/less than. Convert the strings to numeric if you want to make this comparison.

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