Can not ping Parrot Minidrone using Simulink Support Package in Windows

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I'm using the MATLAB Simulink Support Package for Parrot Minidrone. I recently started having problems connecting to my drone. The Bluetooth connection is successful, but the connection fails when I attempt to build my model. Attached is a screenshot showing the failure of the build process due to a failed pinging of I am also unable to ping the drone from the command prompt.
I have tried the following without success: 
*Rebooting PC/drone 
*Fresh battery 
*Reinstalling CSR bluetooth driver 
*Re-starting CSR bluetooth dongle 
*Disabling all firewalls (after disconnecting from the internet) 
*Re-flashing drone firmware 
There was a large Windows update in the past ~1.5 weeks, which corresponds with when this problem began. I'm unsure how to troubleshoot further, however. 

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 6 Dec 2017
1. Try disconnecting from any other router, hardware or WiFi. It is possible that some other network interface in your PC has the same IP as the Rolling Spider (, which would cause the ping to fail.
2. If pinging still fails after following step 1, check that the Bluetooth network interface IPv4 properties match those shown below (please ensure that the Rolling Spider is connected to Bluetooth and that PAN GN is established before doing this. See the documentation here for more info on establishing PAN GN). You can view the IPv4 properties through the following steps:
1. Open network and sharing center
2. You should see an interface titled "Bluetooth network interface" if the PAN GN is connected.
3. Click on the interface
4. Click on properties
5. Double click on "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)".
6. A dialog box opens showing the IP settings.
3. If the IPv4 properties do not match, run the< targetupdater> command in the MATLAB command window (while keeping the Bluetooth adapter connected to PC) to go through the setup process again. After completing the targetupdater, the IPv4 values should now be set correctly and appear as they do in the IPv4 settings shown above image.
4. If the IP values are still not set correctly after running targetupdater, you can try manually set the values.
Please note that the drone must be connected to the PC via Bluetooth and the PAN connection must be successfully established. Only then will you be able to see the Bluetooth Network Interface and set the IP values within the interface. 

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