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How can I acquire images from multiple GigE cameras using Image Acquisition Toolbox and Parallel Computing Toolbox?

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I have two or more GigE Vision cameras and I want to acquire images/video from them by using Parallel Computing Toolbox with one worker per camera.
Is there some example code that shows this approach?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 22 Aug 2019
Please find attached example code on how to acquire from two cameras with spmd (Parallel Computing Toolbox) and videoinput (Image Acquisition Toolbox).
Refer to the attached examples: * “example_videoinput_spmd_logtomemory.m” * “example_videoinput_spmd_logtodisk.m”
The acquisition from each camera takes place in separate worker by using spmd blocks. When detecting the connected cameras, labBarrier ensures that the camera detection code is called by only one worker at a time.
Carlos Campos
Carlos Campos on 19 May 2021
Thank you for the helpful code. Is there a way to preview videos from each spmd worker? In other words, preview video from multiple cameras.

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