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take part from string

Asked by Khaldon Soued on 20 Mar 2018
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on 12 Aug 2018
Accepted Answer by Jan
hello, how could I take part from string for ex. I have this path : C:\Users\khs\Desktop\pics\photos and want matlab to make it C:\Users\khs\Desktop\pics\ futhermore want it to take the name of folder ( khs ) please help me thanks


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1 Answer

Answer by Jan
on 20 Mar 2018
Edited by Jan
on 20 Mar 2018
 Accepted Answer

S = 'C:\Users\khs\Desktop\pics\photos';
[PathName, Folder] = fileparts(S);
Or more flexible:
S = 'C:\Users\khs\Desktop\pics\photos';
C = strsplit(S, '\');
PathName = sprintf('%s\\', C{1:end-1});
PathName(end) = [];
Folder = C{end};


perfekt danke sehr .. thank you so much :)
one more question please how to change cell array to cells
on 20 Mar 2018
The question is not clear: "cells" is just a different name for "cell array". So what do you want to "change" exactly?
Be cautious in generalizing the "more flexible" code for use with Linux or Mac. The obvious approach is to use something like
C = strsplit(regexprep(S, '\\', '/'), '/')
which changes all \ characters to /: this produces valid MS Windows paths because MS Windows permits both \ and / as the path separator. The problem encountered is that \ is a valid character in Linux and Mac filenames, so a file name such as 'hi\tlo' is a valid 6-character file name (just not a great one, as people would tend to think the \t was a tab character.) The replaced version would be 'hi/tlo' which would not refer to the same place at all even if it existed.
Thus, the generalized version would have to only translate \ to / if ispc() is true

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