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Taskbar and Figure Icon for deployed standalone EXE

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Joris Lambrecht
Joris Lambrecht on 6 Apr 2018
Commented: Gary Margrave on 26 Nov 2019
I made a standalone EXE using the Application compiler (R2017a). I selected custom icons, however the figure icon and taskbar icons are still a Matlab icon. I've seen various posts indicating that this is required by the MCR license. However, another annoying feature is that the EXE cannot be pinned to the taskbar. Rather, upon closing the EXE the pin will just link to Mathworks website.
These issues (as well as the bad splash window timing, which makes it look like nothing is happening for a while after opening) have been reported since 2010:
Is Mathworks ever planning on addressing these? It seems a "Built with Matlab" stamp and link to website in a splash screen should be sufficient for licensing.
I have seen this link but it does not address the taskbar and figure icons:
Am I just missing something or are these real limitations?
Gary Margrave
Gary Margrave on 26 Nov 2019
The inabiity to control the Figure Icon that is displayed on the Windows taskbar gets really annoying when you have more than one compiled program running. They all look the same on the taskbar. This is where Malab stops looking like a professional development platform. I do hope The MathWorks will address this. I agree with Joris that a better solution would be a "Built with Matlab" statement on the splash screen.

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Answers (2)

Joris Lambrecht
Joris Lambrecht on 12 Apr 2018
I found a workaround. Create a shortcut to the .exe location (C:\Program Files\<COMPANY>\<APP>\application\<app>.bin). That can be pinned.
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Adam on 12 Apr 2018
That's probably what I was doing actually, I always create a desktop shortcut so it was that that I dragged to the taskbar and I guess my one in the start menu was also a shortcut

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Gil Zimmerman
Gil Zimmerman on 29 Jul 2019
Is there any progress regarding the taskbar or titlebar icons?

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