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Regarding Matlab Production server

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  • Kindly provide information that whether Matlab production server works in internet or in intranet?
  • Also can we run client on mobile?
  • I installed Matlab R2018a having academic license. as production server comes in setup itself. i do not found production server folder after Matlab R2018 a installation. Kindly provide information.
  • If i try to download 30 day trial this information appears 'A MathWorks representative will contact you, typically within one business day.' how can i get production server. kindly provide steps as i am student having Matlab R2018 a academic license.


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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 16 Apr 2018
Students are seldom authorized to install Production Server. Production Server is an enterprise product that would be installed by the administrators of the server.


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Tim Choo
Tim Choo on 22 Apr 2018
MATLAB Production Server is not included in an academic or campus-wide license. As Walter mentioned it is an enterprise product that is generally installed by corporate IT and integrated with organizational systems. In order to obtain a trial, you can fill in a form and a representative will get back to you to assess your requirements. Generally, mobile clients (either native apps written in XCode/Android Studio or hybrid written in Xamarin/Phonegap) call MPS hosted functions through the REST API exposed by MATLAB Production Server. JSON payloads are used to convey the input parameters and output results.
varinder kaur
varinder kaur on 23 Apr 2018
Thanks Tim Choo and Walter Roberson for detailed explanation and clearing my doubts.

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