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Transform into a Matlab datetime format, Part 2 (Sample File Attached)

Asked by alpedhuez on 14 Jun 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Star Strider
on 15 Jun 2018
I have a column of MM_DD_YY and another column with hours (1 to 24). What is the best way to concatenate two entries to apply datetime? Thank you.


Again, make it easier for folks to a short snippet of actual data so
  1. Know precisely how you have it, and
  2. Don't have to make something to hopefully match but can use what is provided directly.
Attached file shows why precisely; the TITLE for the date column says MM_DD_YY but that is not how the data are stored; they're mm/dd/yyyy instead so a solution to the original question wouldn't work.
Point being not to criticize but to improve chances of getting correct answers without a lot of back-and-forth by supplying needed info up front. Remember we know only what you tell or show us; we can't see your terminal and we don't know what you've done so far...

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1 Answer

Answer by Star Strider
on 14 Jun 2018
 Accepted Answer

Try this:
TestTbl = readtable('Test.csv');
DT = datetime(TestTbl{:,1}, 'InputFormat','MM/dd/yyyy', 'Format','MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm');
DT = DT + hours(TestTbl{:,2})
DT =
2×1 datetime array
12/01/2017 01:00
12/01/2017 02:00