How do I run MATLAB Parallel Server in the Cloud?

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I want to configure a MATLAB Parallel Server cluster for use in the cloud, how do I accomplish this?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 25 Mar 2022
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 25 Mar 2022
MATLAB Parallel Server has two out-of-box options you can pursue to configure it in the cloud:

Cloud Center

The MathWorks Cloud Center is designed to create, manage, and access clusters on Amazon Web Services. Through it you can use Amazon EC2 machine instances on which MathWorks has pre-installed MATLAB Parallel Server. The Cloud Center web application allows you to customize cluster size, machine type, and storage options. MathWorks bills you only for software usage, and Amazon Web Services bills you for instance usage. You will not be charged for using the Cloud Center web application.
This is available for Customers in supported countries who have a MATLAB Parallel Server license configured to use Online Licensing. For more information on obtaining an Online License, click here:
To get started with Cloud Center, click here:
If you want to switch an existing license to use Online Licensing, follow the steps in this article:
How do I change my Flexnet MATLAB Distributed Computing Server license to use Online Licensing?

Cloud Platform Reference Architectures

MathWorks hosts a cloud template for MATLAB Parallel Server here:
Templates in these reference architectures automatically create and configure the cloud infrastructure for running MATLAB Parallel Server. These templates default to an Online Licensing configuration as well, but you can adapt or extend the reference architectures to better meet your specific needs.

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