How to recursively go through all directories and sub directories and process files?

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So I have a single directory with sub directories and sub directories and then files (its a mess). I want to go to each folder at end ( I dont care about directories) and process the files in it (be it .txt .jpg etc). I kinda got a way to list all folders using the dirwalk function from here, - , but I don't know two things. How to figure out if a path (the function outputs all possible paths, thats what i understood) is not directory with sub directories, but a directory with images or text files, so I can process them. After choosing a path, I need to figure out how to loop through files. Or is there an easier way I'm missing? any advice would be appreciated!
Example of direc structure:
Main Directory>
>> Dir 1
>> fold1
>>txt files
>>Dir 2

Accepted Answer

Guillaume on 14 Nov 2018
Since R2016b, dir can recurse through subdirectories using **. So it's as simple as:
rootdir = 'C:\somewhere\somedirectory';
filelist = dir(fullfile(rootdir, '**\*.*')); %get list of files and folders in any subfolder
filelist = filelist(~[filelist.isdir]); %remove folders from list
Daniel Poiesz
Daniel Poiesz on 9 Aug 2021
I just learned the leading '**\' is required for recursion and '*.mat' would only find files in the root directory.

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