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Simulink Desktop Real-Time/Matlab 2018b Blue Screen

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I am a graduate student working with Simulink Desktop Real-Time with my release of Matlan 2018b. I am using Desktop Real-Time with an Advantech PCI card to interface with my experiment. Things had been going relatively smoothly till today. In the past sometimes running a simulation for infinite time would cause Matlab to crash but I could resolve this by reopenning Matlab and was avoidable by not running infinte tests. These crashes were isolated to Matlab and my PC still functioned normally. Today I started getting consistent blue screen crashes of my PC whenever I try to run my model. I have completely removed both Matlab and Simulink then reinstalled and the error pesists. Does any one have any experience with this issue? I found a form that addressed crashed in previous versions but these did not work for me.
The link to the procedure I attempted is here:

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Pablo Romero
Pablo Romero on 20 Dec 2018
Hi Matthew,
Have you installed recently any MATLAB or Windows update? Please try reinstalling the Simulink Desktop Real-Time kernel with the following command and then running the model again.
sldrtkernel -setup
Hope this helps.

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