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Unable to locate build tool "GNU PX4 Archiver": echo

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Hi, I recently updated to r2109a with the new PX4 support. I did everything accordoing to the instruction and built a firmare and got some accelerometer measurements.
When I try to build in a demo model for example px4demo_uORBRead, i get this error:
Error(s) encountered while building "uorb_demo":
### Failed to generate all binary outputs.
Caused by:
Validation error(s):
### Validating other build tools ...
Unable to locate build tool "GNU PX4 Archiver": echo .
I tried both cygwin and built in cmake, they dont work. any ideas?


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Accepted Answer

sdanimel Melman
sdanimel Melman on 6 Apr 2019
Edited: madhan ravi on 7 Apr 2019
Had the same problem.
Try to copy the file "bash.exe" from C:\Windows\system32 to C:\Windows\SysWOW64
There is a issue of 32bit vs. 64 bit programs.
See link below for more details:


Lior Isakov
Lior Isakov on 7 Apr 2019
You are correct, I have fixed this issue by using:
setenv('MW_PX4_WIN10_BUILDCMD', 'cmd /c start cmd /k "C:/Windows/Sysnative/bash.exe -cli "make $(CMAKEMAKECONFIG) " 2> MWPX4BuildLog.txt & echo MW_BUILD_COMPLETE >> MWPX4BuildLog.txt " ');
Before I build the firmware (needs to be done every time).
Abhishek GS
Abhishek GS on 11 Apr 2019
You need not do it everytime before building the Firmware. Use the below command once :
setpref('MW_PX4_WSLBuildPath','SwitchPath', 1)
Refer to this link for more information.
Christopher Pepper
Christopher Pepper on 22 Aug 2019
I had this problem when using Cygwin and it went away by switching back to Ubuntu LTS. This was a nice long-term solution for me. For anyone curious where these get set, my location was
This helped me debug.
setpref('MW_PX4_WindowsToolchain','UseCygwin', false)

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