Executable with arguments inside a parfor loop with system()

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Jayanth M. Dabbi
Jayanth M. Dabbi on 4 Apr 2019
Hello all,
I am attempting to run an executable file within a parfor loop to perform a number of simulations in parallel. My first step is to set up a structure of the different conditions for each simulation. Then, I run the parfor loop for the length of this structure and run the system command with arguments in the loop. This works in a regular for loop, but stops after the first completed iteration with a parfor loop. Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance,

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Hitesh Kumar Dasika
Hitesh Kumar Dasika on 10 Apr 2019
From the provided information, there is a possibility that the code that you are trying to run has some dependencies and those dependencies might not be accessible from the parallel workers and are accessible in the normal for loop execution because they are in the same directory. Please take a look at the below attached documentation link that talks about sharing code and data across workers.
If this is not the issue that you are facing, please elaborate on what kind of errors that you are encountering and also specific details about your workflow

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